Yours Truly

Hi there! I am the author of this mess, otherwise known as Livy, Liv, or DSLady. Whichever takes your fancy, really.

I’ve been a ‘writer’ for as long as I can remember; my first published works being a Heartland fanfiction, back in the good ole days of 2011. Which is not nearly as long ago as I would like.

I am a twenty-something gaming and book nerd with the time management & organisation skills of a lemon.

(Yes, that is a Camp Half-Blood shirt that I’m wearing.)


I’m never sure whether posting links/names on this page is just calling for an open season for murders and old perverts, but hey ho.

Facebook: LJ & Livy Play The Sims 3 – a joint page between me and my friend where nothing really happens!
Steam: dslady13
Battlenet: DSLady#2215 (EU)
: DSLady#9989
Minecraft Server: Ask and you shall receive!
League of Legends: DSLady (in the rare chance that anyone plays this ridiculous game)
BoolProp: DSLady (there’s a common theme here, isn’t there?)
Twitter: @DnDSLady – this is where I livetweet our Dungeons and Dragons exploits!


Gordon Legacy – This blog is my baby, and I love every silly Sim to come out of this damned challenge.
Evans EPIC
 – A legacy style challenge, only with certain restrictions that are lifted after achieving certain things within generations!
Runaway Gordon
 – A runaway teen challenge, starring Ginny of the Gordon’s Gen6!
Hendrick Legacy – Definitely not a Sims 4 Legacy with Hanna Hendrick from that TS4 post that one time. Nope. Not at all.
DSLady’s Distraction Blog – If it’s stopping me from playing this game, has a screenshot function, and I can blog about it, you can bet you’ll find it here.
James Legacy – My first attempt at a real legacy, who made it to Generation Five and died on me. Read at your own risk!
Maitland Round-Robin Legacy – A Sims 3 legacy co-authored by members of the boolprop forums! We’re currently on generation one, and I’m down to take over Generation Seven!