So, I should explain exactly what we have here. Summaries and explanations are the hardest part of a piece of writing, don’t you think? How do you describe something without giving too much away or, as most often happens to me, making it sound awful?

I suppose that the best way is to simply tell you what the book is about, without trying to dramatise anything.

I am writing a book about five people who are thrown together by accident, and find themselves working to uncover what is threatening the mages in the kingdom and who has just tried to kill the King.

This story, however, precedes my book by some 20 years. This is a story about the parents of a character in my book. This is a story about love and family; about doing what you think is right even when it goes against everything you know and love. It’s not a long story, by any means, but I hope that it will be a good one.

The story follows characters Isabelle Holt, the ex wife of a noble, and the leader of The Unseen – a band of ruthless assassins and thieves for hire – Tessa Cassidy.

Isabelle flees from her abusive husband in the dead of night, disguised as a maid and taking with her their baby. Tessa is hired by the husband to find and kill Isabelle.


As suggested by the title and summary, this story isn’t exactly going to be sunshine and daisies and probably isn’t suitable for younger people. But, I can’t exactly stop anyone, but please be aware that this story will contain mentions of physical abuse, mentions of rape, murder, and blood. If I come across anything else, I’ll add it into this list. Any chapter with these in will be trigger warned at the start.